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John Conn

THE DEVIL’S ANGEL (February 2019) The second published work from author and photographer, John Conn. It was an honor and a pleasure to help get this paperback published.

Matthew Harms

Are you tired of spending hours on the perfed job suits YOU? Do you finally want to "Get Going " in the job market and start building a career that will help leave poor student life behind you?

Matthew Harms

Jason Carpenter and Richard Colt are childhood friends estranged by events that set them on two very different paths. While one climbed the ranks of a Fortune 500 Company...


THE MADNESS INSIDE MY HEAD (March 2019) The first published poetry book from Magdalena. This project was incredibly enjoyable and I look forward to working with her again.

Matthew Harms

SEEK & EMPLOY (February 2018) My first published novel that started me on the quest to help other writers!

Matthew Harms

GROW UP! NO, REALLY. (November 2019) My second book teaching many of the life skills that school does not prepare our youth for.

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